Whether road freight or intermodal services – Gruber offers you the ideal connection for transporting your liquid goods, customized to your needs.

ROAD TRANSPORT – The fast solution for your goods

Safe and on schedule

The road remains the most important mode of transport. Transports by truck are characterised by speed and flexibility. In intermodal traffic, too, the road is the most important mode of transport.

We offer

  • Europe-wide road transport of liquid chemicals: fast and flexible
  • Our own fleet of trucks, also in England / Ireland
  • Feed transport (GMP certification)
  • International waste transport permits (for liquid waste)

With our own modern fleet of vehicles, a specially trained permanent team of drivers and fully integrated partners, we transport your goods by road, both pre-carriage and onward carriage. This allows us to guarantee consistent delivery performance.

Our fleet

  • Around 175 tractor units and approx. 200 chassis
  • Around 2,250 tank containers in our partner network, including 750 tank containers in our own fleet
  • Lightweight construction of chassis as well as tractor units for highest possible capacity utilisation
  • Environmentally friendly EURO 6 engines (100 per cent of the fleet in service)
  • All vehicles (semitrailer tractors, chassis, tank containers) with ADR approval
  • The entire fleet is equipped with a state-of-the-art telematics and fleet management system.
  • Track & Trace

Our drivers

  • Many years of professional experience
  • All drivers have an ADR licence
  • Regular training and education, including BBS training every three years / in-house BBS trainer
  • In-house training centre


  • Environmentally friendly EURO 6 engines
  • Training for defensive and economical driving
  • Diesel consumption control
  • Tyre pressure test station

RAIL TRANSPORT – The environmentally friendly solution for your goods

Reliable rail connections throughout Europe

Rail is an ideal mode of transport for chemical products as well as for hazardous goods. It is characterised not only by its environmental friendliness, but also by a high level of safety.

Gruber was an early mover in intermodal transport and the modal shift from road to rail. Thus, Gruber has been a shareholder in Kombiverkehr since 1996 and a shareholder in Hupac since 2006.

We offer:

  • Europe-wide rail connections on a daily basis in cooperation with the largest providers of intermodal transport in Europe
  • Dedicated train connection to the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Fixed quotas and thus full cost and capacity utilisation control on numerous routes
  • Transit times for overnight connections to Western European destinations
  • Proximity to KTL – Kombi-Terminal in Ludwigshafen

INLAND WATERWAY AND SEA TRANSPORT– The economical solution for your goods

Excellent port connections for onward transport to industrial hubs

Whether inland or sea-going vessel: waterways are ideally suited for tank container transport. Fixed departure times on all routes ensure that production and delivery dates can be planned in advance.

Gruber provides a European-wide short-sea network. The cost-effective means of transport accounts for a steadily growing share of intermodal transport at Gruber.

We offer:

  • Transportation of almost all classes of hazardous goods on cargo ships
  • Deployment of Ro-Ro as well as Lo-Lo vessels – depending on cargo and urgency
  • On-board plug-in options for temperature-controlled transports
  • Track & trace your goods via internet around the clock

In addition, we have a Gruber UK branch with a road fleet in the immediate vicinity of the English port of Hull.

INTERMODAL TRANSPORT – The ideal solution for your goods

Intermodal solutions not only in hinterland transport to and from the seaports

Trimodal access: Location advantage of our headquarters in Ludwigshafen

  • Road: good link to BAB 6 / Rhine-Neckar area
  • Rail: immediate vicinity of the KTL (linear distance 2 km)
  • Waterways: near inland terminals in Ludwigshafen, Worms and Mannheim
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