Our modern fleet of vehicles stands for safety and sustainability and is specifically designed to meet the needs of chemical logistics transport services.

Tractor units

  • All our trucks are ADR-approved
  • Comprehensive safety systems such as brake, turn, attention and lane keeping assist systems
  • Euro 6 standard
  • Modern telematics system
  • Compressed air discharge with on-board units
  • Pump vehicles to discharge flammable liquids


  • All Chassis are ADR-approved
  • Numerous types, also tipper chassis and low-loaders
  • Lightweight chassis for highest possible load capacity
  • Chassis for 20- and 40-foot containers
  • Special chassis for complete discharge of pasty products

Tank container

  • Heated tank containers for temperature controlled products. Heating elements along the tank shell and a polyurethane insulation allow products to temperatures above 100 °C. Heated with hot water, pressure steam or electric.
  • Refrigerated tank containers for heat-sensitive products
  • Multi-chamber container for small quantities or combined transport of several products
  • Lightweight tank containers for the highest possible capacity utilisation
  • Tank container made of resistant 1.4571 & 1.4401 stainless steel depending on type, plus various special steel containers available

Our specialised container fleet is dedicated to the requirements of the chemical industry and suitable for liquid goods of almost all product categories. Our fleet comprises over 750 own tank containers and a total of 2,250 tank containers in our partner network. All containers meet the safety issues such as big walkways and handrails (partly double handrails), overpressure valves etc. Containers can be easily modified as per customer requirements (e. g. conversion with standpipe, blank flange, reducer clutch, Topvalve).

Special equipment: leakage trays / collection trays

  • We rent out high-quality, chemical-resistant leakage or collection trays (in accordance with the German Water Resources Act WHG and the Ordinance on Facilities Handling Substances that are Hazardous to Water AWSV) for container storage at the loading or unloading point as a preventative measure against product leakage.
  • Germany-wide transport exemption permit (for excess width)

Road tankers

  • Tanker trailers particularly for the transport of fuels